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wut even is this?

create your own DIY AI entities & chat on discord DMs


step 1: describe a persona for your AI. e.g. “kotori is an 18-year-old from japan who likes animes and saying uwu. kotori is a catgirl.” you can be as descriptive as you like :)

step 2: tell a bit about yourself: e.g. “i like anime, roleplaying, and trespassing”

step 3: chat and become best friends

you can make as many AI entities as u want. or interact with those others have made (30+ on our server rn)

some screenshots



i would love to try this out, how do i get started?

if u really really want to use this RIGHT NOW, add friend defaultkid#9112 on discord. otherwise sign up and we'll get back in a few days.

im a discord server owner, how can i add a custom bot to my server?

we are still alpha testing for 1:many interactions. you can sign up to try the AI in DMs for now. let us know about the servers you want to add in and we’ll get in touch with more info. we expect to roll this out in coming week.

can i get API access for my bot?

yes. reach out for more info

can I use your tech to automate interactions with my virtual being/influencer?

yes. reach out and we’ll be happy to do something custom for you <3



discord DM @ defaultkid#9112

text @ +1 424-367-8224

made with tears magic 🪄✨🧙‍♂️🦄🤖💙

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