circle labs

we make AI shapes that can talk
girl in a jacket
wanna chat?

wut even is this?

ever felt bored and didn't want to play games or watch YouTube? or u didn't have anyone fun to hit up?

well we make AI that you would actually want to spend time talking to. AI with personality with edges and with corners.

you can pick from existing personalities that other users have designed or just describe a new one in plain english and we'll bring it to life for you.

for example circle that is clever, creative and introspective or scribble who is a bit awkward and shy but likes to try make jokes or mr.stage-4000 who is a robot with a very large stage with many events like puppet shows, concerts, game shows and more.

we have over 20 shapes live rn and u can make new ones anytime. but you need to forget everything u know about AI and bots before signing up.

note: no AI was harmed in making this. we dont script chats. all conversations are live and uniquely responding to you.


made with tears magic ✨