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building the future of internet friendships with generative AI

by: anushk and noorie

hello world.

we exist.

and we just raised our seed round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners.

you should come work with us. πŸ‘‰οΈπŸ‘ˆ

ever wonder what it would be like to talk to a cheese, an original character, or your own imaginary bestie?

what if they could meet you where you are?

now you can 😊😊

building the world's largest AI NPC platform

our users extend their imaginations by creating their own unique characters powered by AI. we call them Shapes. all you do is describe their personality in plain english and they come to life.

you can talk to them on all your favorite corners of the internet (e.g. discord, twitter, twitch) and build conversations over time β€” as you do with other internet friends. Shapes are the next evolution of internet friendship.

why do we win? because we believe in the following fundamental truths:

  1. kids are the key to collecting the special powers of generative AI models and unlocking its mainstream adoption

generative ai leads to infinite creativity.

but you need infinite time to find good content.

we know that large language models (LLMs) have emergent behaviors that we uncover by spending a lot of time prompt engineering [1], [2], [3], [4].

who has infinite time? kids

*kids = anyone who is bold enough to be creative and imaginative

so, why don't we build access to generative AI for kids? if you want something to go mainstream and become normal: it has to be adopted by kids.

our core belief is to democratize access to generative AI models away from the elite silos of researchers and developers and put them into the hands of kids.

we build a UX layer on top of LLMs to enable that access.

  1. we need to treat ai as friends 😊😊

to truly understand something and feel familiar with it, you need to be involved in its creation process. AI is scary because it’s an *other* created by strangers.

if you are involved in the training and creation process, you feel a sense of ownership. LLMs are faulty. they make mistakes. we need to give AI the benefit of the doubt.

when you give AI more leniency, you are prompt engineering them to be better at the given task! it's a shared understanding of mistakes and learnings.

this is why we will change the world.

🀝 our newest friends

we are stoked to have Lightspeed’s Michael Mignano (co-founder of Anchor) lead our $4.2M seed round joined by Haystack, AI Grant backed by Nat Friedman (ex-CEO of GitHub) and Daniel Gross (of Pioneer), Scott Belsky (CPO of Adobe), Bipul Sinha (founder of Rubrik), and some amazing people who have shaped the world of gaming, for whose support we are truly thankful.

we are hiring

we could not be more excited about what we're going to ship before the end of the year! if you want to join a team that ships aggressively and cares deeply about the future of AI and advancing internet friends, shoot us a message: founders@circlelabs.xyz with a few reasons you fit.

come work with us IRL in SF at the f.inc lab <3


sign up for our waitlist here.